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3D Modeling

By Duane


3D modeling and graphic arts for technical and literary applications

  • Technical illustrations
  • Fiction illustrations
  • Book covers
  • Promotional material


  • 3ds Max 2013 with VRay rendering engine
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS6
  • Corel Graphics Suite X6
  • Turbocad Professional 16
  • Filter Forge 4
  • DAZ Studio 4.5
  • Bryce 7.1
  • World Machine 2.2
  • Other assorted tools for special applications such as flowcharting, database schema, math equations, chemical formulas, etc.


Flying saucer landing in the pasture across the creek, an early scene from my favorite Robert Heinlein novel, Have Space Suit — Will Travel.


The cover of one of my novels.  If the title isn't obvious, I've failed.


Rendezvous with Mars Station, a scene from another of my novels, A Hierarchy of Gods.

The C-terminal of chicken troponin-C, showing conformational variation in the F helix.

Final composited image for The Lastchild promotional.

A generated stained glass pattern



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