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eBook Preparation

By Duane

How eBook Preparation Makes You Look Good

A professional polish to your professionally written eBook is what sets you apart from the crowd.  Conversion from your word processor by a program such as Calibre creates a working .epub file, but it is unable to add the flourishes that make your work special.  Which of these layouts would you rather represent your work?













Additionally, such conversions often result in an .epub file that, while readable, has internal errors and inconsistencies that make further conversion to Amazon's .mobi format unpredictable.  Some files files fail to convert without any explanation of the problem.  Spare yourself that headache and let an experienced coder do it.

 What is Included?

  • Conversion from .doc, .lwp, .rtf, or .pdf format
  • eBook Coding (Table of Contents, text and header styles, eBook manifest)
  • Decorated chapter headings and graphic divider bars
  • Basic cover design
  • Validated to eBook standards at the EPUB stage
  • Emailed EPUB document for you to approve
  • Final validation pass
  • Delivery of .epub and .mobi formats

What is a "Basic" Cover?

A basic cover is one that can be assembled quickly from a background pattern or image (stock artwork or your artwork) and some basic text manipulation.  The following are considered basic covers:

Ebook PrepeBook PreparationEbook Prep

Ebook PrepEbook PrepEbook Prep

What Does it Cost?

The price for the eBook Preparation package for a typical eBook without illustrations is $125 plus $2 per chapter.  If you require stock artwork for the cover and do not provide it yourself, there may be additional charges for licensing fees.  Likewise, if you require a premium cover design, additional charges will apply.  Payment by PayPal is preferred.




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