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Premium Covers

By Duane

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but people do anyway.  It is often the first exposure that a prospective buyer gets to your book, and can make the difference of whether or not he looks further.  Premium covers can enhance the visibility and appeal of your book, and may be the factor that makes the sale.

Compare these sample covers from one of my posts.

Bad CoverBad Cover

If you want full eBook preparation, you might find that a basic cover will make you happy.  If, however, you want more attention-getting zing, consider a premium cover,

Composite Covers

What they are

Composite covers are built from existing graphics and images and for many works are all you need.  Since they take advantage of existing artwork, we can achieve pleasing and effective results quickly and inexpensively.  The following are examples of composite covers.

Premium Covers: The Child Next Door Premium Covers: Fatal LiaisonPremium Covers: Final Horizon

Premium Covers: Silver SpursPremium Covers: The Moscow GambitPremium Covers: Fairy Bride


What it includes

  1. Portions of up to four different images separated and combined into a final result.
  2. Basic image manipulation such as dodging, contrast and gamma adjustments, transparencies, and color changes.
  3. Creation of custom patterns such as frames  (The purple satin background in Fatal Liaison is one such image.)
  4. Text placement and manipulation
  5. Unlike with most artists, you receive full rights to the finished product subject to any limitations attached to the composite artwork.  After all, you hired me to do it.

What it costs

A composite cover costs $99.00 if you provide the images.  If I have to provide them, additional licensing fees will apply.

CGI Covers

Computer graphics imagery allows the  creation of artwork in much the same way as hand-painting, and is especially suitable for science fiction and fantasy for which stock images often do not exist.  You might find a spaceship, but you are unlikely to find yours.  The images in these samples are mostly or completely computer generated.

Premium Covers: The Humanity ExperimentPremium Covers: Labyrinth of SpacePremium Covers: The Sclythe

What's Included

Everything in the composite cover package except that at least some images are computer-generated.

What it costs

That amount of work involved in creating a custom CGI image depends wildly with the nature of the image, and so it is impossible to state a price in advance.  However, the work involved is comparable to hand-painted artwork.  Please contact me with your requirements.


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